General Rules

  1. Youarelucky company reserves the right not to allow underage persons to apply for membership and the company can immediately suspend or terminate your membership account or betting list. If later examined and found that it violated the 18+ agreement
  2. Youarelucky company reserves the right to change rules, regulations or promotions without prior notice.
  3. Youarelucky company is able to void bets and suspend a member's account. If caught to be corrupt, believe that corruption Or cause damage to the company And have the right to claim for damages
  4. Youarelucky company provides an opportunity for everyone Able to join in the fun and gamble anyone, regardless of gender, with sincerity And can suspend the account Or cutting benefits In the event that the players intend to benefit From loopholes from gambling games in any case Who examined and found evidence that can confirm the fault And hold the decision of the Youarelucky company to be final


Membership Rules

  1. Contact our service department at any channel to request for application. The type that you want to play in betting, such as sports, casino, slots or lottery, or select from the web service providers that want to play In order to receive a bank account used for transfer for application and deposit
  2. Transfer money to the company's account. According to the account number that the company has notified only and inform the transfer details with evident of deposit and wait for membership code
  3. After less than 5 minutes will receive a link to play. With member code and password via message And can log in to play to win immediately


Deposit Rules

  1. Minimum deposit of 100 baht only. Able to make deposits 24 hours a day, every day.
  2. After a successful deposit Please notify the service department with a evidence of transfer to confirm the deposit immediately. For the speed of making transactions, top up credit into your account by the standard within 1 - 5 minutes.
  3. In the event of changing the transferring account of the company The accounting department will send a personal message to notify every time. And in order to prevent mistakes in transferring money to the wrong account, please check the account number and the destination account name that has been informed before clicking to confirm every time, otherwise the company reserves the right to not be responsible if the customer still Transferred to the original account of the company that has not been used. Except really force majeure It is requested that the discretion of the company to make a decision, which is final.


Withdrawal Rules

  1. Withdraw a minimum of 100 baht only. A withdrawal can be made 24 hours a day, every day, there is no limit on the amount and number of times.
  2. After notification of withdrawal The accounting department will debit the account immediately. And transfer money to the account specified by the customer only by the standard within 1 - 5 minutes
  3. If the customer wishes to change the account used for transferring money Please notify change account number before withdrawing immediately for convenience and prevent mistakes in transferring to the customer's original account. And the company reserves the right not to be held liable if the customer is unable to withdraw money from the original account because the change has not been made before. Unless really force majeure is an error from the accounting department It is requested that the discretion of the company to make a decision, which is final.